Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Now, doesn't that sound exciting? Stuff? We all know we're in for a real TREAT when I title a post "Stuff"!
  • I just had to pull a piece of yarn from Supey's mouth because he was fixin' to flat swallow it. I think it got caught on his tongue spikes (isn't that what the rough part of a cat's tongue is called? Tongue spikes?) and he couldn't get it off. He looked a little peeved at me when I took it away, though. He's a cat who LOVES his yarn! Here he is, playing fetch with Stinky Yarn Ball, which used to be his favorite toy. Until we got Neko and Neko had the gall to slobber on it. After that, Supey wouldn't play with it anymore. (I could almost hear him thinking, "Ew. Dog germs!") Oh, sorry the video is so dark. 

  • We got a new camera! Our other one was on its last leg and I really, really wanted a new one so that GOOD pictures could be taken at my belt test tomorrow. I LOVE THIS NEW CAMERA! 

  • We have five days of school left in this school year! I just can't wait for summer break. It's really hard for me to actually do school right now, knowing that the public schools have pretty much given up all things that resemble education in these last two weeks. My neighbor was telling me that her middle-school aged son turned in his books and cleaned out his locker LAST FRIDAY, and she had signed a permission slip for her daughter (4th grade) to walk to a pizza parlor with her class. Yet, we keep plugging away with math and reading and things. Oh well, we'll survive.
  • My kids are actually playing quietly in the kitchen, listening to an Adventure's in Odyssey CD. I keep thinking of going in there, but I kind of hate to break the spell.
  • Neko has a really disgusting stuffed squirrel that he just LOVES. He carries it around in his mouth, begging you to grab it and throw it for him. Then he sits down and nibbles some MORE fur off of its already bald side. It's kind of disgusting, and yet so funny at the same time!


Flea said...

This really was stuff, huh? Love the video of Supey, and YAY for the new camera!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I love your random bullet-pointed posts. The public schools here keep going until the third week of June!