Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pardon Me While I Brag a Little Bit

OK, I'm not sure that anyone who reads here doesn't know that I homeschool, but just in case you're a lurker, and you don't know that, we do.  
Did that first sentence make any sense at all? Because if it didn't make sense, then maybe I should just give up on the whole homeschooling idea, because I write exactly the way I speak. Which means that I pretty much spout random rambling things all day long, much to the chagrin of my Dear Fantastic Husband, Troy, who, I swear, sometimes looks around at The Kids and I all vying for the next chance to speak and wonders how on earth God saw fit to place him in a family that can't. Stop. Talking. 

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. We are a homeschooling family and are finishing up our fourth year. Reilly is in third grade, Declan is in kindergarten. We belong to a homeschooling co-op that offers IOWA testing (standardized tests) every year, so I had Reilly test both last year and this year to see how she was doing. And, subsequently, to see how I  was doing as her teacher. 
We got her test results back today. And I was blown away.

Reading grade eqivalent (GE)? Mid sixth grade. 
Language GE, which is spelling, capitalization, punctuation and  usage/expression all in one? Late fifth grade. (Her Usage and Expression GE was actually late SEVENTH grade!) 
Social studies GE? Mid fourth grade. 
Science GE? Early fifth grade.
Sources of information, which is maps and diagrams and reference materials GE? Early fifth grade.

The only thing that she's "behind" in is math, and I fully expected that because the math curriculum we use is done in at a slightly different pace than typical math programs. Plus, we started it halfway through first grade. And even with that being the case, she is at a halfway through second grade GE, so it's not as though she's testing on a kindergarten level or anything. I

Now, I don't really bring this all up to brag, as the title of this post states. I just bring it up because of the sheer relief  that this brings to me. Sometimes I will find myself wondering if I'm really doing a good job as her teacher. I wonder if she's actually learning anything or if I'm just screwing up her education. So when I see test results like that, I'm able to sit back and heave a sigh of relief that this crazy homeschooling journey is paying off. And I thank God Almighty that I'm able to be here and do this for my kids.


Curvaliscious said...

That is absolutely AWESOME Lisa! Congrats on doing such a good job and I understand your relief. Keep up the good work (I always knew that you were doing fine)

Flea said...

Fan-freakin'-tastic! I understand the sigh of relief, having been there. You're doing a great job!

schoolsoft\tracy said...

That is very cool news! I was in the same boat as you last year with my little Dallas. He is kindergarten age, and last year he was excelling in everything but math. I started trying this computer program called Dreambox with him, and he really seemed to enjoy the math games and puzzles. This year he’s doing awesome! Let me know what kind of math lesson plans you use.

Kierlee said...

PRAISE THE LORD! I am thrilled to hear that. This is very encouraging to me as we prepare to embark on the homeschooling journey. By the way, I love the new background (well, maybe it isn't new, but I hadn't seen it until now since it doesn't show up on my blog reader).

Heather the Mama Duk said...