Friday, May 15, 2009


My darling daughter, Reilly, tested last night for her orange belt! And she PASSED! Yay, Reilly! Now, my camera has taken to taking some pretty weird pictures, so some of these are a little dark, but I made sure to document the entire event.
Here she is, testing on her techniques with her best  friend, Rebekah,  the girl on the left. It's just about the cutest thing in the world, honestly, because Rebekah and Reilly are both just TINY, so seeing them act so serious and tough is, really, anything but tough! It's just adorable...especially when they're both wearing pigtails! 

In this picture, she's doing her kata. We have to learn at least one kata for each belt level. The guy in the background is Mr. S., our sensei.

Here are Reilly and Rebekah, preparing to spar. I sometimes wonder what they talk about when they're together. They are both homeschooled, so they probably talk smack about their teachers! "My teacher is sooo mean! She made me do a whole grammar lesson today!"

Here she is, beating the crud out of the younger Mr. R.. We also have an elder Mr. R. who instructs us as well, but we try hard not to call him "The OLD Mr. R."...okay, sometimes we call him that. I admit it.
I'm just guessing from the look on his face, but I don't think she hurt him too badly!

Then she sparred Mr. S, who, from the look on HER face, really did her in. Of course, I'm kidding, because all of the guys who tested the two girls were very kind and gentle as they were sparring. They realized, of course, that both  Reilly and Rebekah are so tiny that one good punch would send them into next week. I'm trying to figure out a way that I can convince them that I'm as delicate as Reilly so that they'll spar that nicely next week when I'm testing for my blue belt. Somehow, I kind of doubt they'll buy it...

Here she's sparring Mr. M., one of the brown belts who goes to our school.
It's hard to tell in this picture, but Mr. M. reminds me of the man who played The Wizard (and some other characters) in "The Wizard of Oz".

After they did their techniques, their kata, and sparred, it was time for quick kills which is where everyone who is there gears up, gets in line, and then runs up and spars to one point with the person who is testing. They call it quick kills because it goes by fast and you feel like everyone is trying to kill you. Seriously. Even when they're not being very mean. Or at least you feel like you're going to die. Because, by that point, you're so stinkin' tired. Here is Reilly, quick-killing Mr. C., who is Rebekah's dad.

THIS is how she looked after everything was done! Sweaty, red-faced, tired to the bone, but smiling all the while!
And here she is with Mr. S., Mr. R. and Mr. M. Aren't they all so cute? I mean, really, you just couldn't ask for a better team!

I'm so proud of Reilly!!
(Now can you see Mr. M.'s similarity to The Wizard?)


Rebecca said...

LOVE all the pictures! I think it is so cute...that outfit with the pink sparring gear...too cute!

Harper has been into 'ninja' (whatever that means) stuff lately. She has been walking around kicking and punching maybe it is time we put that to some constructive use??? She would LOVE the pink sparring gear I think!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Congratulations! Great pictures.

alison said...

Very awesome!!! Tell her a huge congrats!!

We don't have orange belts..what level is that? Like we have white,white with yellow,yellow,yellow with blue,blue,blue with green,green, green with brown,brown,brown with black then the degree's of black. Declan got his blue with green in jan..