Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kittens, and Easter, and Concerts, OH MY!

We were surprised a few weeks ago to find that a feral mama cat had decided that our shed (aka "the barn" because it looks like a big red barn) was the perfect place to birth her kittens. Troy went out there to get something and there they were, three grays, one black and white. Little bitty, skittish as all get out, it took us four days to actually catch them. Why, you ask, would we want to catch them? Well, if there's anything worse than ONE un-fixed cat running around the neighborhood, it's FIVE unfixed cats running around the neighborhood! 

Now, here we have, from left to right we have Puff, (short for Little Puff of Smoke), Coalette, and Smokey Jo. Originally, Coalette was just Coal, and Smokey Jo was Smokey JoE, then we found out that they were girls! Missing from this picture was the fourth kitty, Bruno, who was also gray. He had gone to live with my mom, until she decided to trade him for Smokey Jo, who she renamed Little Bit...and then renamed her again to Puff! *whew* So now Mom has one kitty, and the other three are waiting to be adopted through Animal Aid, which I'm sure is much more pleasant than living in the 75-gallon aquarium in our barn! It sure was fun having them around to cuddle for a few days, though!

We had a good Easter! On the left, you can see my children, being n
ormal. and on the right, you'll
 find "Debonair Declan and Sweet Reilly". Round here, we just love taking one "normal"
 picture and one "silly" picture. The funny thing is, we didn't have to TELL Declan to stand like that. He was just goofing around and started posing that way!

Last Tuesday, Troy and I got to go and see Third Day in concert, which was just AWESOME! This is the second time we've gotten to see them, althou
gh the first time was about seven or eight years ago. I remember being amazed the first time at how worshipful one could feel in a crowd of thousands of people with ROCK music playing! Really loud! And lights flashing and swirling! It was amazing then, and it was even more amazing this time. One reason might be because I actually know who they ARE...hee hee. Last time Troy won the tickets on the radio - he  knew Third Day - and I just want along for the ride. OH, what music! The radio DJ who did the announcing started off the show by saying, "This is the part where I usually tell you there's no photography or video...but the band has told me to tell you to take as many pictures and video as you want. Post them on YouTube, blogs, wherever!" YAY!
So here are my pictures! Aren't you excited?

THEN, after a few songs, the stage went dark, and I had just said to Troy, "I'm thinking of sneaking up closer to the stage and getting a few really  good pictures!" When the lights came back up, lo and behold, the guys were standing on a tiny stage BEHIND us by about 20 feet! So I moseyed/scurried/ran over there so I could be right in front!

One thing did occur to me, especially when I was up really close to the guys when they were playing. I wonder if they ever get tired of people recording them and taking pictures and making sure that they have EVERY SONG RECORDED FOR POSTERITY on their camera phone so that they can show their friends! I wonder if they ever just want to say, "Hey, just sit back and actually ENJOY the show! Sing along!" because I know that I had to remind myself at times to just sit back and enjoy the show and sing along because I kept getting really caught up in feeling like it was all so awesome that I wanted to make sure that I captured every single moment so that I could come home and relive it all again. (OH, in this second video? The really high pitched, squeaky voice that you can hear singing along is NOT me! It was the girl next to me! I promise!)


Natalie said...

Those kittens are adorable (too bad they grow up to be cats). Your kids look so precious in their Easter best, and the concert looks like a blast! That's a lot of cute, fun, adorable stuff for one post.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Great update! Those kittens are so cute :)

Rebecca said...

Ah, man, my filter won't let me see the video...I was wanting to sit back and enjoy the show...

We had a kitten named Puff when I was a little girl...Cute!

Missing you all this morning...S~ is sick. The really yucky stomach kind of sick...poor thing. Hope you had fun!

Sherri said...

Wow about the concert!!
I love your kids' Easter sweet!!!