Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I swear, I'm about to lose my everlovin' mind! Seriously, seriously LOSE IT!
We bought a new printer on Sunday. Our other printer was purchased about 8 years ago, and was so crotchety that even with brand new ink cartridges,  color pages often looked like they were printed by beating berries on a rock and then painting them on paper. (Heck, even THAT might have looked better.)
So, we decided that we would get a wireless printer, seeing as how almost all of our "work" is done on our laptops and it would be SO HANDY to just be able to print from anywhere in the house! With 
no wires! And no having to turn on our 10 year old desktop behemoth, which is what I've had to do in the past because, somehow, it was a "port" to our other printer. Don't ask me how. Our friend Dave The Magic Computer Guy set it up and it was working FINE!
And it would be handy...if I could actually get the thing to work. 
The box makes it sound easy. "Wireless ready" it says, right on the outside, giving the impression that it will come straight out of the box, plug into the wall, and begin printing on a whim.
Nope, not in our house. In OUR house, you must install, UNinstall, and REintstall the software three times...and then it's still not going to work. 
And, I kid you not, the process with the software takes FOREVER. Not kidding, about 20 minutes for installation and then at least that long to uninstall it. When the screen says, "This may take a few minutes", you might as well go and get a latte and put your feet up, because it ain't kidding.
So, if you add up all of that time? It means I've been trying to install this printer for about four hours, over the last two days. And I'm ready to snap. Or maybe I have already.
Why are computer things never as easy as they look like they're going to be?


Heather the Mama Duk said...

How frustrating! I hope you get it working soon.

Rebecca said...

That's hilarious...sorry your frustrated though...just sounds so very much like our house. We got a new printer too...it has wires...:( I did however take a picture of how many A~'s it takes to set up a new printer...I'll have to post that to show you...it's pretty funny...

Gwynne said...

Ok so I am leaving a comment!!! You so spoke to my heart!! I HATE technology!!! I hate it I hate it I hate it!!! LOL ok really I do feel your pain was just recently trying to send pics on email hahahaha little o me couldnt do it!! Anyhooo good luck and I hope you beat it into submission, oh I mean get the printer to work!

Flea said...

Technology sucks. Sorry.

Dave Heritage said...

Thank you for your previous vote of confidence. Why would you wait so long to let me know this? You know that while I hate technology as much as you do, I have a unique intimidation factor that allows me to beat it into submission (most of the time). That said, let's get together and see if we can get it working. You and Julie and talk while the kids play and I'll try to get it going.

Oh, can you post the HP model number for me? It will help me do my research before-hand.

Dave Heritage said...

I poked around hp.com - is it the 4680 or 6500? The image looks like a 6500 but you describe the 4680... :)