Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've completely convinced The Kids that I'm psychic! 
The other day, I was getting ready run into the store and leave them in the car and I went through my usual routine, "Don't get unbuckled, don't open the door, don't drive away, etc.," and then I added a new one, "and DON'T ARGUE!" I told them that I would KNOW if they argued! I would be able to TELL, when I returned to the car,  if they had been arguing while I was gone! 
Eyes wide, they asked, "HOW?!"
"I have my ways!"  I answered mysteriously as I exited the car, quickly shutting the door behind me and scurrying away. When I returned to the car, they were quick to tell me that they had NOT been arguing.
"I know..." I replied, trying to look mysterious, and not burst out laughing at the same time. They proceeded to pump me for information about my Methods of Knowledge.
"It's just Mother's Intuition," I said."I can't tell you because then you would know allll my secrets."

A few days ago, Declan and Reilly were discussing something, I don't remember exactly what, and they asked me again exactly how it was I knew particular things about them. 
"What was it you called it, Mom?" Declan asked. "Was it ima-shi-shum?"
"Yes," I replied. "That's exactly what it is called."
So that's what I have. Mom's Imashishum.
Sounds more mysterious anyway.

(For the record, and in the interest of actual education, I did actually tell him that the word  was "intuition", but then went on to burn the word imashishum into his brain because I just think it's so stinkin' funny!)


Natalie said...

That's pretty stinking cute! Soak it all in now before they become teenagers and think that you don't know a thing!

Flea said...

Mother's imashishum is a strange and marvelous thing.

Ched said...

I love you.

Julie Heritage said...

I love that!!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

That is hilarious!