Tuesday, March 03, 2009


  • Some movies (like "Madeline") are really cheezy, yet kind of cute all the same.
  • I have an addiction to lipstick. Or, I should say, to lip "stuff". I'm constantly purchasing new lip glosses, lipsticks, chapsticks, etc. to try them out. I'm a fool for the newest fad in lip moisture renewal. The downside to purchasing lipstick at Wally World is that it NEVER looks the same on my lips as it looks in the tube under the lovely flourescent lights on aisle 459. It never fails that I get in the car and apply my newest find to my lips, only to discover that what looked like it was going to be the most lovely shade of coral in the store actually more closely resembles a baboons hindquarters when exposed to real sunshine.
  • Closely related to bullet point number two is the fact that I find it very difficult to throw away lip things. I have countless tubes of lip glosses, moisturizers and colors that I never us but can't throw away simply because I think I might need to use them as back up  some day. Because if my favorite lipstick runs out, I just may need to fall back on my lipstick the color of a baboon's rear, you know.
  • My favorite kind of lip moisturizer is plain 'ol pink Chapstick in the black and white tube. It reminds me of my Grandpa Charlie.
  • I can't stand it when kids books randomly throw in cheezy rhymes.
  • That didn't have anything to do with lipstick. 
  • I have some things in a big consignment sale that is going on right now. I can check each evening to see which of my things have sold that day. It's quite addictive, actually! I think I've checked four times in the past two hours to see if it's been posted.
  • I'm amazed at what people will buy at the consignment sale. VHS tapes? Really? Wow.
  • OK, I'm going to bed now! G'Night!


Kierlee said...

You are too funny. I like lip balm (I really like the word- it reminds me of the desert scene in 3Amigos), but I try to limit myself to 3 different kinds. I have a hard time throwing it away too! I have given up, for the most part, of finding lipstick that doesn't look like a baboon's rear. The best ones lately that I've tried are the little tinted dealies from Burt's Bees. Check them out on aisle 461 at Wally World. :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I always love reading your random posts. They crack me up. I like the plain old Chapstick, too.

Flea said...

I hate throwing away lip stuff too. Just today I considered tossing a lipstick the color of a tangerine. Didn't do it.

You should so totally do a post on the contents of your purse. Or your makeup bag or drawer.

The Adventures of Caleb, Becca and Sakari David... said...

Hey friend! Glad you like the tattoo, I LOVE it! It is my first and I was surprised at how much it didn't hurt...I've thought about it for years and finally I took the plunge and it's something I would live and die for - so I thought, hmmmm I could have this marked on me forever! It was amazing. Basically. :-)