Sunday, March 15, 2009

History Repeating Itself procrastinator. 
There, I said it. 
Better than some, worse than others. I guess I'm sort of a mediocre procrastinator. If we were having lunch, and you started choking to death on a piece of chicken, I wouldn't procrastinate in giving you the Heimlich so long that you would be worried that you would die. I will, however, procrastinate cleaning out my fridge for so long that the tuna salad shouts "Hey, shut the door! It's too bright!" from the back of the second shelf, if you get my drift. So I'm in the middle. 
(Heck, I procrastinate writing blog posts all the time, you should know that by now!)

When I was in high school, I constantly waited until the last minute to do projects or write essays or term papers. I don't know how many times my parents would find me sitting at our computer - basically a glorified electric typewriter with a dot matrix printer and a word processor on it! - surrounded by books, writing a five page paper that was due in three days and that, YES, I had known about for three months. I hated, HATED it when teachers would make us turn in note cards or rough drafts because that meant that I had to actually THINK about whatever I was going to write about before I was sitting in my Seat Of Genuis, surrounded by my books. Usually, I would kind of fake something. Scribble some "facts" on some index cards and pretend like I was actually going to use those in my final paper. (Worse was when they wanted an outline, because it's much harder to fake one of those.) I like to think that I work much better under pressure, late into the night, surrounded by stacks of books from which I'm gathering snatches of genuis and weaving into even MORE genius. I think the truth of the matter is I'm just kind of lazy. (I think I've covered that in another blog post somewhere...)
Well, this streak rose again last week as I helped Reilly prepare for the Geography Fair for our homeschooling co-op. Of course, I've known about the Fair for weeks now, and one would think that being older and wiser, I'd be...well...wiser. But I'm not. No, the Fair was on Thursday at 7:00, and Reilly finished her project at about 5:00 on Thursday! Only this time, instead of sitting in my Seat of Genius, surrounded by books, I was sitting on the Carpet of Dog Hair, surrounded by construction paper and glue sticks. Aaah, how things change when you get older and wiser!
(Oh, I procrastinate with the vacumming, too!)


Ched said...

One of these days I'll put another post on my blog... Maybe I love you

Heather the Mama Duk said...

LOL Jamie's a procrastinator. He works best under pressure. I am not. I like things done ahead of time and then I don't have to worry about them. So how is it all four of my kids came late? Maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere.