Friday, February 06, 2009

Dodging Bullets

  • I have a Twitter account, and do some twittering. (You just watch. Here in about 7.5 years "twittering" will be in the dictionary, right alongside "google". OK, maybe not right alongside it, not unless they rearrange the alphabet, but you get my drift.) Anyway, I don't really get Twitter because I'm not really sure that everyone wants to know "Hey, I'm sitting here in my jammies, eating Froot Loops!", but it's kind of fun. What kind of weirds me out is that I have 61 people "following" me on Twitter, and yet I think I only know about 4 of them. I'm not sure exactly how these people found me or why exacly they want to know what I'm doing on a minute to minute basis. I will admit some of them are blatantly advertisements and others have been drawn in by the fact that my user name is KarateMom, so they think I'm going to post something karate-ish. Yet somehow I still feel some sense of responsibility to update my Twitter log periodically, lest my following start to wonder about my well being.
  • I am currently up waaay too late, seeing as how I'm really tired, yet I'm feeling to lazy to get up and go to bed.
  • Neko is obsessed with his reflection in the glass part of the front door. I think he thinks it's another dog that wants to come in and talk to him.
  • I'm very excited because I finally got all of the blogs that I read into Google Reader, so I don't have to scroll down through my favorites and open blogs that aren't updated. Thank you to my wonderful cousin Natalie (who has The Cutest Baby Ever!) for suggesting Google Reader!
  • OK, I'm going to post a link. You have to promise me that you'll click on the link and watch the parody video, OK? Do you promise? But here's another thing...promise that if you have kids, you'll watch while they're not in the room because, as hilarious as the video is, the guy doing the parody uses just a couple of words that I don't approve of, which is why I'm not posting the actual video on my blog. I don't know why it seems OK to post a link, but not the video, but somehow it seems OK. Anyway, here's the link: Snuggie Infomercial Parody.
  • I'm going to bed. No, there were no actual stories about bullets or policemen in this post. There were just bullet POINTS. Hence the title. G'night!

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Heather the Mama Duk said...

Having an RSS feed reader is a wonderful, wonderful thing.