Friday, January 02, 2009

A (Post) Christmas Blessing

I struggled more than usual this year with Post Christmas Funk. I think that I anticipate the holiday with such intense excitement that it's very, very hard for me when everything is over. I'm just like a little kid, thinking that I want to go back and DO IT ALL AGAIN! On Tuesday, I spent half of the day thinking, "*sigh* One week ago we were soooo excited because tomorrow was Christmas Eve. *sigh*" and then doing the same thing on Wednesday. It's rather pathetic, really, and I hope to one day outgrow this. Really, I'm too old. And Christmas is going to roll back around in, like, 15 minutes anyway, right?
My momb (no, that's not a typo. The b is silent.) sent me this poem that always helped her get past the Post Christmas Funk, and I wanted to share it with you. As I read it, it helped me too, because it is so true. We celebrate Christmas for a reason, and while the presents are now opened and the cookies are eaten and the decorations are put up, the Reason is still very much alive!

Carefully, tenderly, put them away
The Madonna, the child and the manger of hay
The baubles, the lights, the bright, shining star.
Lift them gently, their beauty not to mar.
For a few precious days they have lightened your life,
Have let you forget the world's sin and its strife,
Its hatred, its wars....for a brief season's space
You have heard angels sing and been touched by God's grace.
So as these blessed things you put by till next year.
Try to trust in the miracle
Christ is still here!!!


Flea said...

Not being given to post Christmas funk, I still understand. I get post birthday funk.

Sherri said...

I think about you a lot every Christmas. I know that this is something that you struggle with, as so many do. It's very hard to let Christmas go. For me, it's because I cherish all of the family time, especially with Jeff and the kids. I love the way that we play all day long on Christmas Day and for the week that follows. What always helps me is our trip to my sister's house for New Years...just getting out of the house and back into "real" life. Don't worry about growing out of it...I'm sure I never will!!

Ched said...

I'm sorry that you get down after Christmas. Thank you for making Christmas so very special for your family. Love, Ched

Ched said...

I love you thank you for a good Christmas.You are a great mom.