Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oooo! A Giveaway!

Not by me, unfortunately. Sorry. Didn't mean to get you all excited. But a blog called The Crafty Crow that I just found through my friend Heather at Camien Academy is giving away a gift certificate for Usborne Books!
Just go to THIS LINK and comment, and then link on your blog and *poof*, like magic, you're entered!
I love Usborne books! It's the one and only home party that I will host! I love the products from Mary Kay and Pampered Chef, but I won't host a party. Usborne Books are a totally different story, though!


Tressa & Mark said...

Just taking a moment to stop by and thank you for stopping by Crafty Crow to sign up for the Usborne Books drawing.

You are welcome to stop by monthly at and sign up for my monthly $50 Usborne drawing.

How did you find out about Usborne Books?

Do you have many Usborne in your family library?

Would you like to get Usborne Books for FREE by hosting an online eShow? (Okay, trick question, but you can answer anyway ;-)

May I add you to my online newsletter list? You’d get updates on new titles, literacy info and the like.

I look forward to your reply.

Enjoyed reading your blog! Cardboard Testamonies, I hadn't seen this, thank you for posting it.

Happy Reading,
Tressa Book Nut Nelson
P.S. If you'd like a lifetime discount on your Usborne, call me

Brenda ND said...

Usborne books are cool.