Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Is Not My Baby

But she is my Cousin Natalie's baby. OK, truth be told, she had some help from her husband, Andrew, but we're not going into the whole Birds 'n' Bees talk here at Karate Mom. This is a family blog, but not THAT much of a family blog!
Anyway, this is Audrey and she's seven months old, I can correct me if I'm wrong, Natalie...and she's just the cutest thing on earth!! I love newly crawling babies! Natalie and Andrew have a little (but quite manly!) long-haired Chihuahua named Dino, and I think he'd better start running for his life!!

I'm sorry I'm not updating more often - not that I think anyone is really mourning that or anything - but my laptop battery is completely 100% d-e-a-d and so I ahve to be plugged in all the time and if I come unplugged my computer dies instantly, which makes it kind of frustrating to spend ANY time on the computer. And it interrupts my creative flow to get de-powered when I'm blogging. Although one might argue that there's not a whole lot of creative flow to begin with...but we don't talk to those people!


Sherri said...

Haha on the background! The funny thing is that I picked one that I felt certain that no one else would want...hahaha!!! I guess great minds think alike. Haven't we chosen the same one before!!! I like our blogs matching!!!

Flea said...

Hey! You're creative! And that baby is just darling. She'd look really cute in something pink and beaded, doncha think?