Monday, December 08, 2008

The Friday After Thanksgiving

Why, yes, I DO realize that it's actually the Monday ten days after Thanksgiving, but I'm a little behind right now. OK, well, maybe some would say that I have a big behind, but I don't like those people and I'm not going to talk about the state of my behind, just the state of my behinded-ness.

OK, sorry, I'm rambling now.

Anyway, back to the Friday after Thanksgiving. That day I did something that I've never done before. No, it wasn't go out at the crack of dawn to the Black Friday sales to stand in line and get Ginsu knives for only $5.99 (Do they even make Ginsu knives anymore?). I've actually done that before, once when Reilly was about two years old and too young to realize that I was at Kohl's buying Fisher Price toys for half price for her for Christmas.

This past Black Friday I actually stayed in my pajamas for the entire day! I'm usually one who can't stand to stay in my PJ's past 9:00, but I had promised The Kids that we would put up the Christmas decorations, and I just didn't see any reason to get dressed. It was a little weird, and I almost put on jeans at about 3:00, but decided that I wanted to see it through, so I persevered and kept on my comfies!

Yes, my life is so boring that this was an accomplishment. Sorry.


Flea said...

Good for you! I put my PJs ON at 7:30 this morning and climbed into bed to sleep for five hours. It was delicious. I highly recommend it. I don't, however, recommend working all night before in order to achieve this.

Keep setting goals, girlfriend. Sounds like yours are the best kind - attainable. :)

Butter said...

LOL Pajamas days are fun sometimes.