Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fiddlin' While Rome Burns

Really, do I need to be sitting here at my computer? I mean, there are so many other things I could be doing.

I have presents that could be wrapped, although Troy is napping in the bedroom so I can't get back there to the supplies. (I almost wrote "napping in the bathroom" up there, and doesn't that just change the whole image of that sentence? And of our family?)

I have thumbprint cookies that could be baked and iced. But I'm not currently doing that.

I did make fudge this week, so that's an accomplishment. Actually, any time I make fudge, it's an accomplishment. Technically I made fudge twice, but the first batch didn't make it.

Making Million Dollar Fudge is an exercise in science because there's a whole lot of boiling of sugar and butter and evaporated milk to the exact perfect temperature for the exact length of time while the moon is in the seventh house of Jupiter and fairies and leprecauns dance on the lawn and it can all go south very quickly. Apparently on Friday, I had fairies and gnomes dancing on the lawn because when I poured the butter/sugar/milk mixture over the chocolate, I could tell very quickly that it wasn't going to turn into Million Dollar Fudge. It was, in fact, going to turn into Million Dollar Crap, because the temperature was very wrong and the chocolate went all wonky - that really is the best way to describe it. Honest. - and I had to throw it away. There's nothing that pierces the heart more than tossing seven pounds of lumpy, greasy, curdled-looking chocolate mixture into the trash. (Well, look at that. Apparently there is a better way to describe it than "wonky"! Who knew?) Especially when you know that the reason that it's called Million Dollar Fudge is because it costs about a million dollars to make.

But I decided to persevere and make another batch. Honestly, the odds were in my favor because I only screw it up about every fourth time that I make it, so I knew the chances of me screwing it up again were pretty slim. Plus, this time I was extra smart and bought a candy thermometer. One would have thought I would have done that ten years ago, huh?


Ched said...

Thanks for the fudge, Babe.
I love you, Ched

Natalie said...

Want to come to Atlanta and bring us some fudge?

rachel said...

Julie said that was the best fudge she ever had! Do you give out the recipe?

Karate Mom said...

Rachel, I do give out the recipe! Just get my email from Julie and I'll send it to you. You might want to make sure you invest in a candy thermometer though! It'll save yourself a TON of money!!

Butter said...

That would be painful to throw away. That first batch sounds pretty gross.