Friday, November 14, 2008

Checks and Balances...and Bills...OH MY!

I had a light bulb moment this morning! Did you see the shine all the way to where you are? I'm sure that if you were awake, you did! You just weren't awake because I get up reeeeaaallly early.
One of the reasons I've felt so out of whack these past couple of weeks is because I've been off of my "game" with the bill paying and balancing of the checkbook and things like that.

You see, Troy gets paid every Friday, so I use the time on Friday morning when I'm usually having my quiet time/prayer/Bible reading to balance the checkbook and pay bills. I've done this for probably at least six years because I found that if I don't pay bills on Friday, we go into the weekend thinking, "WOOHOO! Troy got paid! We're RICH!" and we go out to eat and buy ice cream and boats and diamond necklaces and generally live high on the hog...or whatever colloquiallism fits there with living with a hog. I can't remember. It would all come to a screeching and painful halt, however, on Monday morning when I would actually sit down to pay those pesky bills and buy those pesky groceries and look at our account and say, "Wait a stinkin' minute! How do we only have twelve cents? Troy just got paid?"

Not fun. In the least. So, I'm very responsible (stop laughing!) and pay bills every Friday without fail! EXCEPT for the last two Fridays, when we were still dealing with things about our checking accounts and Troy's direct deposit still going into our old account and having to transfer it to the new account before I could pay them and THEN...blah blah blah...really, the details are unneccesary and kind of boring. But the end result is that I've not paid bills or balanced the checkbook in two weeks, and we've been using our debit card to pay for things rather than using cash. It's amazing how out of kilter this has made me feel! I think I've used our debit card more in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years!

BUT, having realized this, I'm back on track as of today, and I'm relieved that I feel much more myself!


Heather the Mama Duk said...

I love doing our finances. I'm actually sitting here a little jealous over Troy getting paid every single week. Jamie gets paid every other week. I'd love to be able to balance our checkbook and pay bills every week instead. Yeah. I'm weird.

Ched said...

Hi, Babe
I'm glad you're getting back in your groove. I really proud of how well you handled your purse being stolen and even more so of how diligent you've been at getting our banking in proper order. I couldn't handle life without you running it for me. I love you. Ched