Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update Time!

It's update time here at The Karate Mom!

Thank you all so much for your concern for Holly! We have not taken her back to the vet as of yet, although technically we were supposed to take her back for a re-check yesterday. She seems to be completely and utterly fine, though. The lump in her neck completely went away, as did the two other lumps that we felt. That's why we haven't taken her back - I really hate to take ANYTHING to ANY doctor (that includes the humans in the family!) only to have them say, "Well, this animal/child/husband/yourself is fine, that'll be $100, please!" Part of me wonders if there aren't possibly other glands that were infected that got swollen or something. My knowledge of doggie anatomy is limited to head, body, four legs, a tail, and the major internal organs. I mean, I assume they have a heart, lungs, stomach, and poop valve; I don't know about any extras. We will be keeping an eye on her and periodically grabbing her and squeezing her to make sure she hasn't gotten lumpy again. It's kind of hard, though, because the texture of her coat kind of makes her look lumpy all the time!For some reason, when God made her, he besowed on her lots and lots and LOTS of extra skin, which sorts of accordions up around her shoulders when she stands and then squishes out when she lays on her back. It's rather amusing, although we do have to be careful when stepping too close to her as she lolls around because we have stepped on her skin - yes, just her skin! - on more than one occasion. Poor girl. Anyway, this abundance of skin, combined with her two-toned, double coat makes her look lumpy all the time and, honestly, it doesn't make feeling for lumps any easier either. Such is the trials of owning an over-skinned dog. One other thing we did find out at the vet is that her weight has stayed pretty steady for awhile and when we got home and measured her height, we found out she about is as tall as a male Elkhound, which puts her only about 5 pounds overweight...not the 20 pounds we thought! Yay! I said to Holly, because we talk to her as though she were human you know, "Now we can stop calling you Big Fat Fatty!" and Troy pointed out that I was the only one who called her that. Oops.

The other update is that yesterday, when we were playing at the park on our mid-week Saturday, my purse was stolen out of the car! We had locked the doors, but Troy left the windows down a little bit and the person was able to reach in and unlock them. My purse was right between the seats bekuzz I ar smurt when it comes to purse safety in the car. We noticed it when we left the park, which must not have been too long after they snatched it, because they were only able to actually use my debit card once before I froze the account. The second time they tried to use it, it was denied. HA! Also, I only had one check left in my checkbook - HA, again! - and we don't have any credit cards.

The biggest bummer is that I had $30 cash in my wallet that I had saved to get some new jeans for The Kids, we just hadn't made it to the store yet. Oh well, it'll save again easily enough. Also I had just gone to the post office and purchased some priority mail stamps for my in-laws, so those are gone. Plus there are the little things like my engraved Cross pen that Troy gave to me for Christmas a couple of years ago, and ticket stubs that I've saved from movies and our trolley rides in Eureka Springs; little mementos that I keep in my wallet that don't mean anything to anyone but me.

Oh, and all of my great Burt's Bees lipstick is gone. I loved that stuff and it's five bucks a tube to replace! And !STINK! my spare Relpax migraine tablet is gone, that pill alone is worth something like twenty bucks because it's made of gold dust and fairy hair! And my gum. And my band aid holder. And my little brush and crayons and chapstick. Stupid criminals. Ironic, though, that really all they got was $30, a tank of gas, and one check...which I hope they try to write to Wal Mart since Wal Mart runs checks electronically which means it will not go through!

All of our accounts are frozen now, and the lock on our house is changed, so all is good on that front. I know that it's a hassle to deal with all the banking stuff, but that's ok. Because, really? I wouldn't give up our time at the park. I got to spend thiry minutes building a tiny forest home with Reilly, complete with little bark beds, chairs made from almonds, an acorn desk and an almond stove. And that, my friends, is more precious than anything.


Flea said...

I'm sorry about your purse and the memories lost. Especially the Burt's and the migraine pill being gone. :( I think I'd cry if my Burt's was taken.

Kristin said...

Lisa I am inspired by your outlook on such a horrible thing. Your humor and positive outlook about getting to spend time with your kids is awesome.

I have had my purse stolen three times..yes I said three! It is a horrible feeling and very frustrating. Not once did I react like you..hehe

Make sure you change bank accounts because with that one check they can order more with the account number and routing number on it, but with their name. (Just in case you didn't know that)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Sorry your purse was stolen, but your attitude is great. And I'm glad your dog is okay, too!