Sunday, October 19, 2008

Randomness Personified

Yes, more Bullet Points By Lisa
(although "more" would probably indicate that there had been "some" to begin with, but let's not get caught up in details, shall we?)
  • I think that sometimes I should carry a tape recorder around with me so I can record the things I want to blog about because I come up with really great ideas while I'm, say, walking around Wal Mart but then when I sit down and try to think about what I was thinking about earlier I can't remember. Wow. That was a really random sentence. I'm so glad I homeschool my kids so that I can pass on some of that grammar goodness to them!
  • WOW! Did you know that KMart still does lay away? I didn't. Hmmm...maybe I can put a Wii on layaway and give it to myself for my birthday! I soooo want a Wii! (Sorry, that was a complete ADD moment there, but I just saw a layaway commercial on TV and was surprised because I didn't realize that any stores still did that.)
  • It really bothers me to see Christmas things out in stores before Halloween. I really enjoy the Christmas season A LOT, but it just doesn't seem right for it to start two months in advance. I don't want to be tired of Christmas before it's even gotten here.
  • I've signed up with Twitter, which is something, but I'm not even sure that I know what it is but I see it popping up on a lot of blogs....sooooo....welllll....I don't know. I guess if you want to sign up too you can and then we can all do whatever you do on Twitter? Whatever that is? I don't know, but apparently all the cool blogger are doing it. Which really should count me out right there, shouldn't it?
  • We almost put The Kids to bed an hour early tonight! We had turned on Extreme Home Makeover at 7:00, and then when Troy got out of the shower, we just sort of forgot that it wasn't after 8:00, so we brushed teeth and said goodnight, and paired off to read stories. I was in Deco's room and looked at the clock to see if it was too late to read one more chapter of My Father's Dragon and realized that it was 7:45 not 8:45! So we got out of bed and went out just in time for the big house reveal on Home Makeover.
  • I've been sitting here for about three or four hours, trying to finish lesson plans for the week, and I'm not done, so I guess I should go and finish them, huh? Because It's almost 11:00, and I turn into a pumpkin at 11:01. So goodnight!


quitecontrary1977 said...

I miss the days of lay-a-way! it shure would help with my Christmas shopping! You should come by my blog some time. I have lots of fun giveaways goin on!

Flea said...

I'm on Twitter. Not that I actually do anything there, because I still don't understand it. But check your account to see if you find me. I didn't find you.

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Oooh, my kids loved My Father's Dragon. We put our kids to bed early once. Totally thought it was a hour later. Only noticed AFTER they were in bed for about 30 minutes.