Sunday, October 05, 2008

Random Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Not having junk in the bottom of my purse
  2. My new turquoise ring that I got on our anniversary trip
  3. My fluffy, floofy, silly super cat, Supey
  4. Waking up to a clean kitchen (I just wish there were Kitchen Cleaning Fairies who would clean it overnight!)
  5. Sharp pencils
  6. The Kids, loading up my toothbrush for me so that it's ready for when I go to brush my teeth
  7. That plant in the livingroom that I've actually not killed
  8. Making Troy laugh
  9. Talking to my brother
  10. Also, chatting with my brother on IM because we can randomly use the foreign language audibles and it's REALLY funny...well, to us it's funny
  11. Being on the karate demo team
  12. Rain
  13. The prospect of cool weather coming
  14. Anticipation


Natalie said...

You you don't have kitchen cleaning fairies in Tulsa???

curvaliscious said...

Wouah! You fourgout tou mentioun adding randoum U's in your wourds like a canadian!

*skulks ouff all disappouinted*

Elizabeth said...

Ah! What great things that make you happy, here's my list:
1. Having nothing to do when it rains so I can curl up in a big furry blanket.
2. When my amazing cousin sends me a letter!!! Thank you so much it really made my day :]

Flea said...

Dude! Cleaning fairies! (smacks self in head) Why didn't I think of that!?

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I'd expand #4 to be waking up to ANY clean room. There's something about coming down the stairs and seeing all the floor I'm supposed to see. Puts a smile on my face every time.

I'm still waiting for those cleaning fairies to visit...