Friday, October 24, 2008

It Happens Every Fall

The leaves change, and they get all pretty and orange and yellow and red! WOW! How do they DO that? It's amazing! And I never expect it!

No, I'm just kidding, I'm not that forgetful. Really, I'm not. Stop laughing. I said stop!

No, what really does happen every fall is that the first time I turn on the heater like I had to do this morning - oh, 65 degrees, why do you feel so cold when I've gotten out of my snuggly warm bed? - I realize that I've actually forgotten what is a comfortable temperature for a winter home. I know that 65 degrees feels great outside during the day, so it seems logical that it would be a comfortable temperature in the house, but this morning I wanted nothing more than to stay burrowed under my comforter like a mole. I turned the heater up to 70 degrees, which also seems like a lovely and reasonable temperature, and shortly felt like I was going to suffocate because it was so stuffy. It was weird! So down the thermostat went to 68, which seems to be working nicely for me thus far.
But, mark my words, the next time I have to turn on the heater, I'll have forgotten again. I'll stand there and think, "Hmmm...well, outside I like it when it's 72, so I'll try that first." and then a few minutes later melt into a pile of goo onto the floor!


Flea said...

About two AM wee turned on the heat. It was 62 in the house. But it really didn't kick on much. Feels great right now. :)

Flea said...

Love your new template! Hey - you want some posters for your home school?

Sherri said...

Haha...I'm glad you wrote that about the temp. I turned our heat on today and had to go to the back unit to see what Jeff set it on last night for Madison :). It's on 72, but will probably be turned down soon! We are all sick and running fever, so we need it right now!