Monday, October 06, 2008

Can You HANDLE It?

One of the things that I do with karate is participate in our karate demo team, which is very, very fun. The purpose of the demo team is not just to show people how we do karate or to show how tough we are (ha!) or impress people with our skills and try to get them to join our school, but it is to use karate to share the Gospel with people. We use kata, where we are fighting unseen foe, to show the parallels with spiritual warfare, and we have several dramas that we do that use breaking and sparring and things like that to illustrate Jesus' sacrifice for us. We show different self defenses and we also love to have fun and act silly.

On Sunday, we had a Fall Barbecue at our church, and we did two different demos, one of which included a "Guys Against Girls" breaking competition, which is in the video below. I'm the one in all black - that's not my regular gi top, but I'd just come from playing a demon in the drama from the earlier demo! I broke two boards! At one time!! And I didn't even break my hand!



Natalie said...

Note to self...Don't mess with you!

Heather the Mama Duk said...

You go girl!!!