Monday, September 15, 2008

My Laziness Knows No Bounds

I'm not sure if I should admit this or not, but it's been really weighing on my mind this morning. OK, well, not really weighing per se, but it flitted across my mind for a fleeting second which, in my world, is all it takes for something to count as weighing. Just ask my husband. I'm not what you could call a ponderer.

I think I'm kind of lazy.

I mean, one reason I think I love being an at-home mom is that I don't have someone standing over my shoulder demanding that my work be done. Well, unless you count the fact that I actually have to consistantly have to feed The Kids or they'll die or something. There is a little bit of pressure attached to that. But I don't have a paycheck riding on my work being done well, or even at all. Heck, I've thought at times that if I did have a boss attached to how well I do my job as a SAHM, I'd have been fired long ago, based on how much the laundry has piled up or how deep the dust is on the shelves in the livingroom.

I have a pitcher of peach tea in the fridge that just keep rinsing out and then using to make more tea. It's the exact same ingredients each time: water and tea mix, and I don't really see any reason to wash the pitcher out with soap when I'm going to be making the exact same thing in the exact same pitcher in a few seconds. Who knows? Maybe I'm going to die of some weird poisioning here in a few days.
I just boiled eggs in the pot that I boiled potatoes in last night, figuring that there was no earthly reason to scrub out the pot when the eggs have shells on them that are just going to be peeled off before eating. As I think about it, I know that if I had boiled chicken in the pot, I would have washed it out before putting the eggs in, so there are some limits to my laziness. Also, if I was boiling the eggs to take them to a church thing and not just for my family's egg salad sandwiches, then I would have washed the pot.
Also, I will say that it's not like the pot was nasty or anything. I had rinsed it when I dumped the potatoes into the colander...look at me, trying to backtrack now and have some ethics!

Oh, on another note, I think I almost hurt myself really badly this morning. We have (had!) a light in the dryer that I thought had burned out. So, I found the slot where the light was and took the cover off and poked around in there o feel what kind of light I needed to replace. It felt like a nightlight bulb, although it was situated in a place where I couldn't see, so I began to "unscrew" the bulb, only to realize a very short time - and a loud bang and shower of sparks -later, that it wasn't the type of bulb that unscrewed. I basically twisted the glass apart or something like that, and I'm not sure that we'll ever be able to replace it now. So now we don't have a light in our dryer, which makes me sad because, honestly, I really liked having a light in the dryer! Even though it's really unneccessary, seeing as how the dryer sits at eye level and is practically big enough for ME to get in, so there's no problem seeing the clothes in the dark.
But, hey, I'm glad I didn't blow my thumb off.


Terri said...

This post made me snicker out loud. I see a lot of myself in that post. A LOT!

Sherri said...

If I can relate to 75% of this post, does that make me lazy too?

Heather the Mama Duk said...

I'm kinda lazy, too.

I'm glad you didn't get really hurt. Scary.

Flea said...

I'm so glad you didn't electrocute yourself!

I have felt the exact same way about staying home time out of mind. It's one of the reasons I stopped home schooling. It bled into everything. I hate keeping house.

Julie said...

That reminds me, I have some chicken on the stove that I stewed last night and then set aside to cool. Umm, now I remember that I haven't de-boned it. I will go do that now. As you can tell, I would much rather read your posts than clen my disasterous office...


kristi said...

LOL!! This post had me laughing!