Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Anniversary - AWWWWWW!

Troy and I celebrated our 12th anniversary back on August 10th by taking a weekend trip - SANS KIDS!!! YIPPEEEEEE! - to Eureka Springs. We stayed in a bed and breakfast called the 5 Ojo, which is pronounced in true Arkansas style as "oh-joe", with nary a Hispanic inflection in sight. We didn't do anything except walk and talk and laugh and just thoroughly enjoy being together without having to stop and referee arguments or feed anyone but ourselves. It was so fantastically fun that I really, really, really want to go back and do it again RIGHT NOW! But I guess we'll have to wait until next year!

That's me and Troy (DUH! Like, what, it's me and my boyfriend Bubba?) at lunch on our first day. The cat is Mojo (Mojo from the Ojo! I love it!) who was so sweet!

We have a long-standing tradition of taking Troy's picture with every single cigar store Indian that we come across. He always poses, too, never just stands and smiles. Unless the Indian is standing and smiling. Which they rarely are. Cigar store Indians are a stoic lot. That other picture is me (DUH again - No, it's Troy's girlfriend, Lola!) on the front porch of our B&B, waiting for the trolley that was going to take us downtown.

Lola and Bubba, incognito. Very, very, very happy, It's their anniversary. They are without kids for the weekend. Their room has a jacuzzi for two. They are thinking of never coming home.

There is a restaurant in Eureka Springs called, I kid you not, Grandma's Beans and Cornbread. As far as I know, they sell pinto or navy beans and cornbread, and chicken and dumplings. But the chicken and dumplings are only on Friday's. The rest of the time, it's beans and cornbread. It's a little slice of heaven for my guy, who does love him some beans and cornbread. And seeing as how we've been married for 12 years now, we don't mind the extra gassiness so much anymore!

We got all gussied up and went to The Crystal Dining Room at the Crescent Hotel. Frankly, the food was just OK, and it was really expensive, but I do enjoy getting gussied up. And getting Troy all gussied up - boy, do I love him in a suit! Whoo-ee! I guess we could have just gone back to Grandma's, but we might have stood out a bit.

And I'm such a dork, that I had my nails done and loved my French manicure so much that I took a picture of it! Ain't it purty?


Terri said...

Hi Lisa...just sort of stumbled upon your blog while looking up Mom's and Karate. My daughter is joining as of tonight and I'm seriously thinking I need to sign myself up too. I think it would be good exercise and I seriously need it! Thanks for the inspiration, I just might do it!

Darlene R. said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for stopping over to see my pictures of the cheapest table hockey game EVER!

Anyway, was your anniversary actually on the 10th? We celebrated 12 years on the 10th also!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my! Your nails look beautiful, and the pictures from your trip are so much fun!!! I'm so glad you and Troy / Lola and Bubba had a good time :]

Flea said...

Bubba's a hottie! I say you ditch Troy and hook up with him full time. ;)

Love the nails. I've never had a French manicure. Now I'm jealous.

And I think I have a picture of that B&B! Looks like y'all had a great time. You both look so relaxed!

Sherri said...

Don't you just love him SO MUCH after having him to yourself for a few days? I am so into Jeff when we get home that I'm afraid I am leaving others out!!! That's what we love about the trips...and just the time to do what we want to without thought of anyone else!!!
I'm glad you had a great time!!!