Sunday, August 03, 2008

Yummy Peanut-Buttery Goodness and Other Nonsense

So, yesterday as I left work I decided to treat "us" to a little bit of freshly ground, honey roasted peanut butter, right? Only, the thing is, I'm slowly but surely plowing my way through what I got, all my myself. With a fork, or spoon...or my finger, because I simply cannot think of anything to put it on that wouldn't just detract from the honey roasted, peanut buttery fantasticness. Troy has had one taste, but the rest has been alllll mine. Yum!

On the work note, I only have 10 hours left to work - half of it tomorrow night, half on Wednesday. I also don't have to attend the store meeting on Tuesday morning, which starts at 6:00. Or, as we say in my house, the B.C. of D.: the Butt Crack of Dawn. Maybe I should say that I say that, as 6:00 isn't that early to Troy, who routinely gets up at 4:00 so he can be at work at 5:30. But I digress. My stint as a work-outside-the-home mom is coming to an end, and it's all I can do to not stop right this moment and do a dance of joy! Wait, wait...I feel one coming right back!
*dances like a maniac* Whew, that was worth it!

I am frantically trying to think of things to stock up on while I still have my discount!!

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