Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fruesday and Sansday

Our life has gotten a little...weird here lately. Not that we were really normal to begin with, I'm not trying to say that, but it's gotten a little weirder than normal.

You see, last week, Troy started a new route, one in which (on which? I don't know. Good thing I homeschool my kids, huh?) he is off on Sunday and Wednesday. So rather than have school on Wednesday when he's off and then be off on Saturday when he's working, we decided to order our week so that we're all off together on Wednesday. The Kids and I will pick up the rest of school on Saturday morning so that we get in our full week.

So today, we got up and made pancakes and watched part of "Newsies" (The Kids newest favorite movies and, frankly, pretty enjoyable for me as well! Lots of singing and dancing, which I love.) and then we went to the Air and Space Museum. It felt like a "regular" Saturday, simply because we didn' t have to be anywhere or do anything in particular, and yet it definitely felt different from a regular Saturday.

Anyway, now at our house, instead of Tuesday and Wednesday, we have Fruesday for our Friday and Sansday for our Saturday!

Oh, and here's a clip from "Newsies" for you! I warn you, though, the song will get stuck in your head!


Flea said...

Is this the newsboy version of Little Orphan Annie?

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Isn't it great to be able to make your week fit you. I've always wanted to have our "weekend" day to be during the week. I like getting errands done with fewer people around.

And Newsies rocks! I have every word of the movie memorized and Christian Bale was so adorable (and still is for that matter!). I knew what clip it was just from the blurry picture it shows before you press play lol

Elizabeth said...

Christian Bale pre-Batman! Ah I love Newsies!