Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Walkie talkie

Being SkyAngel subscribers, we've found a new obsession named, simply, The Military Channel. While you might not think this would make for interesting viewing, I've been surprised at how many times I've gotten caught up in shows about new weapons concepts or the history of weapons or how to make weapons or use weapons or name weapons or decorate with weapons. Apparently, the military has lots of weapons. The other day, Troy said that he got caught up in a marathon all about Marine boot camp and watched for hours!

Anyway, I was watching YouTube (my other obsession...it's no wonder I'm round!) and saw this video that made me laugh so hard I had to watch it twice!


Two way Radio Joe said...

I ran across the mention of two-way radios and thought this might be able to help you and your readers.

There is a tool to help select the proper walkie talkie for various needs like travel, business etc. The two-way radio tool is here here:


There is also a section for walkie talkie selection by model, communication purpose, etc.

Hope this helps. Thanks for the nice piece.


Lisa said...

Wow. That would be...great...I guess. If I were in the market for a two way radio. But I'm not. And this "piece" isn't really even about two way radios. But you don't care. You're spam.
Hey, thanks for the nice comment, SPAM!

Lisa T said...

I think I laughed even harder at the comments between you and SPAM than I did at this video and it was really funny. Soooo....what model 2 way radio did you get?