Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Vacation Planning!

I am planning a romantic vacation getaway for Troy's and my twelfth anniversary coming up in August. We're going to go and spend the weekend in Eureka Springs and I'm so excited that I can practically TASTE it!

Here's what I wonder, though: how did people ever manage to plan a vacation before the invention of the internet? I remember my mom going to get the Foder's Travel Guides from the library (in fact, she still does that before all of her vacations!) but getting online makes it so much easier! I mean, I searched for places to stay and was able to see photos of the different B&B's that I could choose from, I was able to book our lodging online, I'm currently looking at attractions and's amazing! I'm able to look at menu's from potential restaurants! I'm like a kid in a candy store!!

I love me this internets thing!


Flea said...

I loves me the internets! And I loves the graphic in the header. :) Do you want a Scripture or a quote with that?

Flea said...

Did you drop that header in on shrink to fit? Do I need to make the original longer?

Lisa said...

Yes, I dropped it in at "shrink to fit" and that's just how it showed up. I kind of like it like it you think it would look better full sized?

Sherri said...

I hear you!! I plan the crap out of every trup we do! I have spent so much time sitting here digging for things to do on our excursions when Jeff and I cruise in Sept. I just can't imagine going to new places without the advantage of the internet to orientate you to them! I even think about school and am amazed that people actually homeschooled without the internet...that is beyond my imagination!!!
Have fun IS half the fun, isn't it!?!