Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Calling a spade a spade...

~ OK, so this morning I told The Kids that they could have a piece of "lemon bread" when they had finished their cereal. Truthfully? It's not lemon bread so much as it's actually lemon CAKE. Oh well, it's got milk and eggs in it. It's good for breakfast, right? Bill Cosby says so!

~ One of the luxuries that we've started this summer is that The Kids get to eat breakfast at the coffe table while watching T.V., something we never do during the school year. I feel this allows them to really feel the freedom of summer...and it allows me to drink more coffee and wake up a little more and surf the net!

~ If you'll take a gander at the top of the page, you'll notice I have a new header, compliments of my good friend Flea. I love it!! Thanks, thanks, thanks Flea! (Y'all really should click over and read her blog! She's wonderful!)

~ Deco just took his bowl into the kitchen and put it in the sink with a clatter. He then said, "Nothing broke, it's OK!" I love that boy!

~ This morning, when I was walking past Reilly's room to the bathroom, she called me in there and said, "Mom, when I ask if we can turn on the T.V. in the morning, does that hurt your feelings? Because you kind of looked like it did." I assured her that, no, it didn't hurt my feelings, but thank you for being concerned. I love that girl!

~ I'm literally so excited about my trip to Eureka Springs with Troy that it is all I can think about!! When my brain isn't engaged in other things, I'm thinking about the trip. I need to stop, really, because I'm going to experience some serious post-trip let down if I don't get it under control!!

~ I'm going to go and shower and make a DVD now, so have a good day!

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