Thursday, June 26, 2008

There goes another one!

Well, we are just purging pets right and left at our house!

For Reilly's 8th birthday, we told her that we would "re-do" her room - freshen the paint, get some new bedding, etc. etc. Well, several hundred dollars - We got a desk too, so that brought the cost up! - later, plus more hours spent painting than we anticipated, it's finished! What used to be a baby room with a Classic Pooh border and blue letters stencilled on the walls has been transformed into a girly room, complete with hot pink painted border with flowers.

The thing is, about 6 months ago, Reilly got a red-eared slider (a.k.a. a turtle) because...well, she wanted one and we (read: Troy) thought it would be cool to have one. But the turtle, named Belle, had gotten a little too big for her tank and we really needed the space for the new desk. So I called Petco and asked if we could bring her back and, as they put it, put her up for "adoption". What was kind of sad was how upset Reilly was when I took the turtle away.

This surprised me because, frankly, the turtle seemed to me to be more of a decoration than a pet. The downside of a water turtle, or any turtle for that matter, is that they're not exactly cuddly. Plus, a water turtle is wet when you take it out of the tank (duh!) so that makes it a little messy and then you have to clean the me, Belle was more of a hassle than anything else. But, apparently, Reilly was a wee bit more attached to the turtle than I was. She cried when I left the house with the turtle. Whoda thunk it?

Happily, though, she was over her upset by the time I got home, so I don't think the trauma was permanent. And she has a nice new desk to make up for things.

Hey, anyone want a cat?

Just kidding. That really WOULD be traumatic!! For all of us!

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