Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, I hope that I didn't scar Declan for life.

You see, we gave Sissy back to her original owner tonight. For some reason, when she moved here, she became really, really picky about going to the bathroom. If it wasn't perfect outside, if it was slightly too cold or too dewy or Mercury was in retrograde, she would just stand frozen on the grass and not pee. I feel like I tried everything - standing out there with her, coaxing her, giving her treats, praising her, everything - but it just didn't matter. Now, this wouldn't have been a problem except that she has to empty her bladder sometime, and she has peed in the house four times this week, and pooped once. After spending at least 20 minutes outside with her over the course of the morning and then cleaning up poop, I decided that she was going to have to go. I loved her, she was really sweet, but when I envisioned myself standing outside in 14 degree weather, jumping up and down like a deranged cheerleader, shrieking "GO POTTY, SISSY!" I just decided that I wasn't prepared to deal with that.

I was at karate with Reilly when my friend came to pick her up, and Troy said that Declan cried like his heart was breaking after they left. *sigh* How can a decision seem so right and so wrong at the same time?


Mostly Sunny said...

Oh, she was so cute too. That must have been such a hard decision. We adopted Allie from Furry Friends and I promised to only give her up if she ever becomes mean/bites. So, we are stuck with being 100% committed to getting this dog housebroken, dang it! She IS getting better and yesterday I let her have the run of the house for most of the day with only one accident late at night about 1 minute before I was going to take her out!! Boo hoo! You wrote that you have a full blooded Elkhound. I would love to see some pics! I saw some pics of a Northern Inuit puppy and I think our Allie looks a lot like that, so maybe she's not Elkhound. But I would love to see yours!! Nancy

Flea said...

How long had you had her? He won't be heartbroken long, I'll bet. The only time we've ever used crates with our dogs has been in the housebreaking process. They won't go in their crate, so they get left there for hours, then taken right out. But I don't know about little drop kick dogs like that one. My MIL uses what she calls "potty pants" for her Yorkie with the tiny bladder. A little velcro undie thing with a panty liner stuck inside. Ugh.