Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Holly Bear for Christmas

If she was registered with the AKC, that would be her full name: Holly Bear for Christmas. She's not registered with the AKC, simply because, although she's a full blooded Norwegian Elkhound, we knew from the git-go that we weren't going to show her or breed, she's really just Holly.

She's a sweetheart of a dog and she's the greatest "kid dog" you could ever imagine. I think that happened because we got her when Reilly was 2 and a half, so she got used to being smooshed and kissed and squished when she was little, so now that she's big and strong, she's also gentle and sweet.
Holly has a few quirks that just crack us up. She has a guilty conscience and almost always gives it away when she's done something "bad"...or has even thought of doing something bad. If she were a devout Catholic, she'd spend all of her time in the confessional. "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I had nine million bad thoughts today. I thought about eating that cupcake off of the table, then I thought about stepping on the cat, then I thought about chewing up a shoe, then I thought about the cupcake again..." If she's sleeping and you say, "Hol-LY!" in a disapproving tone, she will wake up and look guilty about something. (Not that we would EVER do that because that would be funny...I mean, mean!) Because her tail is curled up over her back, it doesn't wag, it wobbles. She's hard to get pictures of because whenever she sees the camera, she turns her head away. We think that she thinks the camera is going to steal her soul!

She sleeps with her head under the bed. She can catch any little bit of food if you toss it directly at her face. If you're off center or too high, however, forget it!
She's got a thick double coat, so she LOVES it when it's winter and wants to spend hours and hours outside. When it's summer though, she spends the entire time panting and trying to find ways to stay cool.

We tease her that she's not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but she sure has figured out where to sit to cool off! In that picture, she's laying right in front of a little "tunnel" that we made for our vent!!

She's a great dog! And she doesn't pee in the house!!!


Flea said...

She's a beautiful dog! Maybe she could have her own plastic wading pool in the back yard during the summer.

Sherri said...

Any dog that doesn't pee in the house is a winner!!! Our Ginger used to pee in the house now and then until we got all new carpet and she lost all of her marked spots.

Natalie said...

I love how all animals have their own little quirks.

Mostly Sunny said...

Oh, she is soooo cute. Our Allie is said to be part Norwegian Elkhound, and after seeing your pictures, I can see part of it in her. I think she's maybe part Northern Inuit if not Elkhound... people say the NIs look like wolves, and everyone says that about her. She definitely has German Shepherd and collie, we know from her mom's side. I love dogs, and I hope she brings YOU lots of joy!