Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

To Ched:
What a great day! I loved being off with you and The Kids, giving you the "Papa" card and your rocks, going to church with your dad, to Mickey D's, the panda movie, and to the splash park. Heck, I even loved it that I could mow the back lawn for you! It was a busy day, and I'm exausted, but I had so much fun being with you.
Thank you, Ched, for being the best Papa to our kids! You light up my life!

To my dad, who I don't even think knows I have a blog:
You gave me a love for the theatre, a love for scratching backs -which I passed on to Reilly! - and "A Bushel and a Peck" to sing to Declan. You are a great dad, and I love you and the parts of you that you passed on to me.

I hope that any of you who happen to read this who are fathers, had a great father's day!
Now, I'm off to BED!! I've got a big week this week, what with my baby girl turning 8 and all! *gasp*

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Flea said...

Reilly's turning eight! Say it ain't so! Happy Father's Day to Troy and happy birthday to Reilly!

Hey, how did you like being a psych tech? Why did I not know that? I start work tonight!