Monday, June 09, 2008


HEY there!
*waves a little at the computer screen*
Remember me? I'm Lisa, the author of this rather pathetic blog!
I'm finally posting some pictures of my green belt test! You can jump up and down for joy now. The first two are of two of my breaks - a front snap kick and a hammer fist. My apologies for the blur - I really should have listened to Troy when he wanted to get a nice digital camera and I decided that we shouldn't put that much on a credit card. Now we're not putting ANYTHING on a credit card, so we can't get another new one until we can pay cash for it.
I digress...
The three people in the pictures are my instructors, Larry, Luke, and Daniel. (They're actually in that order, too!) I love the look that Luke is giving in the second picture. I imagine him thinking, "She's gonna miss and hit Daniel in the eye!"

In this picture, we're doing self defenses. I believe that in this one, Daniel has just tried to stab me with a knife and I'm subsequently kicking him in the stomach. It's hard to tell from this far away! The last pictures are of Reilly taking her yellow belt test. We'll find out on Thursday if we both passed. I'm pretty sure that we did, but I don't want to count our belts before they're tied! (Cute, huh? I just made that up!)

I just have to say that Luke is just about the cutest thing in the entire world (and I mean that in that sort of semi-condescending Mom way!) and it cracks me up to watch him with Reilly. She's so tiny and he's about 6 feet tall, and he oftentimes just picks her up and turns her upside down or something and she laughs and laughs. (Not during class, obviously!) I adore our instructors, all three of them.

I have some video of me sparring, but it's still on the camera. Also, I didn't get the pics of Sissy off of the camera, so I'll leave you with a picture of Supey. He's even cuter.
I call the second one "I Was Born a Coal Miner's Kitty"!

OK, so I totally overdid it. But, hey, it was hard to pick the best one. I mean, there are so many cute pictures of that cat!


Flea said...

That's a cereal box? Way cool! How did he get so dirty? And I love the ones of Supey and Declan. Cute!

Natalie said...

Love all the pictures!!! Promise not to kick me in the head or karate chop me next time we come to visit!