Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry if you thought that I'd fallen off the face of the earth or been consumed by a giant ravenous beast. That hasn't happened.
What HAS happened, though, is that I'm spending waaaaaay less time on the computer! Not really because I want to or anything, but because my personal laptop is not curently connecting to the internet, which means that I have to use Troy's computer. Not that his computer isn't wonderful. It is, it's just that "blogger" isn't one of his tabs in Internet Explorer and that means that I have to actually type in the address and then type in my user name and password and that's all so very exausting. It taxes my already overtaxed brain.

Hey, stop laughing. Checking groceries is hard. It's exausting. It's....OK, you can laugh at me.

Plus, beetween doing school, doing housework, running errands, raising kids, working, and all that stuff, blogging falls to the bottom of the list of things to do. Sorry. It's not that I don't love all five of you from the deepest cockles of my heart, it's just that, for example, when I get home from work at 11:00 at night, sleep is the first thing on my mind.

Plus, I don't ever feel like I've got anything to say.

But, for the sake of...something big and important that should be inserted in here for this to be for the sake of...I'll make a little bullet list of Things That are Going On! OK, you can stop clapping and cheering now. I can't hear myself type.

(ADD Side Note: Is it bad that I literally locked my kids in the backyard just now so that they wouldn't walk in across the kitchen floor that I just mopped? Is that going to scar them for life?)

  • I went to the ABKA Nationals Tournament at the beginning of May and I won third place in sparring. I know, I can pick your jaw up off the floor now. I was surprised, too!
  • I am going to begin testing for my green belt tonight! Yay! To test, I will have to do all of my forms (kicks, punches, stances, etc.), demonstrate several different self defense moves (various different knife stabs, a full nelson, a headlock), do the kata, break six boards (one at a time!), and do four 2-minute sparring matches. Yeah, it'll be fun.
  • We got a new doggie! Her name is Sissy and she's a little black and brown Chihuahua. A girl that I work with moved into an apartment where she couldn't have dogs so we took her. She's a sweet dog and has adapted very well to the family. She loves to burrow under blankets, which is very funny to see!
  • My cousin, Natalie, had a little baby girl just over two weeks ago! Her name is Audrey Elizabeth and she's beautiful. You should click over and see pictures!

That's about it, really. I'm sure there are other things that I could share, but The Kids are down for F.O.F. so I want to get in a nap. Mmmmm, sweet napping!

Thanks for reading!


Flea said...

Congratulations on all counts! Hoorah!

Can't we miss you when you're gone?

And my mom used to lock us out all day during the summer as kids. No scarring here. They'll be fine.

I got a job as a night psych tech at Laureate, working Saturday and Sundays, all night long. So I'm joining your ranks, girl!

bensrib said...

Hi Lisa! Glad to hear things are going well and you've not dropped off the actual face of the earth. I'm glad you have a new doggie - I'd love to see pics - and the baby is lovely. But all babies are, I think. Glad to have you back, at least temporarily!