Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dink, dink, dink... this thing on?

YES! I am back on my own personal computer! *does little happy dance of joy*

However, as it is right now 11:23 p.m. and I'm really in need of going to bed, I'm going to sign off and return tomorrow.

With pictures.

Pictures of doggies.
Pictures of Reilly yellow-belt testing.
Pictures of me, breaking boards.
Pictures of Troy, looking great on his 40th birthday. (Hi, Ched! I love you! You are the handsomest 40-year-old alive!!)

It'll be a regular picture fest. I know you're waiting on pins and needles.

In the meantime, go over and check out this hilarious blog, called Precarious Tomato.


Flea said...

I'm waiting on pins and needles! I want to see you break things! Can you set it up to toggle back and forth so it looks like you're always breaking things?

Natalie said...

yeah! Bring on the pics!

zobabe said...

Hey, Lisa, I just popped in from Flea's place, and I've been clicking around. I love your site! It popped into my head that since you love singing in the car with your kids, you'd enjoy an album called "Awesome God." It's a kids' album by Sovereign Grace, and you can get it from Sovereign Grace Music or Google other places. It's available as a cd or mp3s. Here's the SG link:

I am 41 and I LOVE this album (well, most of it :p some songs are a little 'rocking' for me). It's spiritually sound and has some catchy tunes. It's great for singing alongs!

Oh, and I wanna see you break things, too. :)