Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh. Lawsie. Mercy!

Being from Oklahoma, I can say that these images are all too realistic! And, WOW! It shows what you can really do with Photoshop!!

If Celebrities Moved to Oklahoma

Click it...and be afraid!


eblog said...

This is just too funny -- I'm allowed to laugh since I was born in Tulsa...right? Enjoy the warm weather, I'm sure I'll have plenty of that when I go back to school!

Flea said...

That just cracked me UP! Thanks for the laugh!

Carretto said...

That link is hilarious!!! I think I would be laughing more if I WASN'T born in Tulsa.

Flea said...

Hey! Where are you! And go check out F&B's new video on my blog. :D