Sunday, March 30, 2008

Completely Random Random-ness

(I wonder how many entries I have that share some form of that title? Because, honestly, what am I, if not random?)
  • One of my favorite things in the world is that coffee is always ready for me in the morning. Because Troy goes to work so much earlier than I get up, he programs the coffee to be ready when he gets up, which means that by the time I get up, it's not only already in the pot, it's the perfect temperature for me. (I like my coffee drinkable, not sippable, and will usually put a piece of ice in a HOT cup to cool it down.)
  • I love plain, regular flavor Chapstick. The kind in the black tube. My grandfather always carried it, and the smell reminds me of him.
  • I'd forgotten how much I like the movie "A League of Their Own" until The Kids started watching it just now. And now I wish I didn't have to go to work!
  • Work. Aaaah, work. I think that the best thing about my having gone back to work is that it's kind of the "thorn in my side" for getting out of debt. I like the work, I like the people there, but I'd rather be here at home, with my family. Therefore, I'm motivated to continue working to get us out of debt that much faster.
  • Sometimes I think that people, in general, have gone nuts. I have proof. Someone went and designed THIS SHOE!! Although, I'm sure I'd be a hit at work in a pair...
  • Oops, I've got to go to work now.
  • Bye!


Flea said...

What a BIZARRE shoe!

Flea said...

Tag! You're it!

Lesley said...

Ok, seriously, those shoes are so weird.