Sunday, February 10, 2008

Such is life...

A few days ago, my neighbor and father of my kids best friends...wait, wait...I know a few of you went "WHAT?!?" right as you got to "father of my kids" but before you got to the "best friends" part of that sentence!

Let me start over.

A few days ago, our neighbor Mike, who is the father of the kids who our children play with the most, came home from work sick. He was running a fever and everything. The next day, I let The Kids go over to their house and play outside with Alana and Zane. Zane had a cough. (I'm going to win the Mother of the Year award this year, I just know it!)

Sure enough, yesterday Deco was running a fever and had a bad cough.

And then, sure enough, today Reilly began running a fever and has a bad cough.

So this is what our house looks like tonight:

Two sick kiddos and one doctor cat!

So, I've been taking all these pictures, random pictures, with the intent of writing witty posts about them, but I've been a little lacking in the witty department this past week I guess. I've had a lot of randomness running around in my head, though, but every time I sit down to post even the randomness goes into hiding. But here are some of the pictures...

It's very hard to get a picture of Holly's face. I think she thinks the camera is going to steal her soul or something because she always looks away when it's pointed at her. But I was able to snap this one while I was trying in vain to take a picture of myself so that everyone could see my new haircut.

Which brings me to the next picture. My hair. But I'm going to warn you, my hair has been in a state of supreme anarchy since I first had it cut. It was so cute the first day, and even the second day. Now it's just kind of...dorky looking, to me. I keep thinking that maybe it wasn't ever really as cute as I thought it was. I don't know, but it's really getting me down.

So, there it is. And, frankly, that's the end of the randomness for today. I'm going to go now and play some Webkinz for Little Sick Reilly. OK, maybe I'm going to have some fun with it too...but it's mostly for Reilly.


bensrib said...

Definitely NOT dorky. I love it! Sorry to hear your kids are sick. My family is still trying to recover from last week's bout with the flu. I hope yours doesn't last as long!

Natalie said...

I like the haircut! Your hair's a lot longer than the last time I saw you. Which means that it has been way too long between visits!