Thursday, February 14, 2008

Spreading The Plague Like Nobody's Business

Well, nothing says Love Thursday like getting your kids together with a big group of friends and then coming home to realize that one of them is running a temperature.
Of 101.5.
Poor girl, she says she feels fine, and yesterday, after going to the doctor where her temp was only 99.4, she seemed loads better, and didn't spike any kind of fever last night. So, I figured that she was OK to go to the Valentine's Day party we were having with some other homeschooling friends. I hated to have her miss it and I figured that it would be a nice change from lying on the sofa watching movies and listening to
Adventures in Odyssey.
Oops. I was wrong.
I think I'm going to start calling her "Sicky McPlaguer Pants".

I think I'd better call the other mom's who were there and tell them to start pushing the vitamin C...


It's Valentine's Day, and I've been sitting here, thinking romantical thoughts about my fantastic hubby and trying to figure out how to put into a blog post how much he means to me. Years ago, we decided that we didn't want to turn V-Day into another gift giving holiday. I'm baffled by all the commercials, peddling everything from jewelry to cars, all claiming to be the very best gift you can give to show your "special someone" that you love them.
And it's got me thinking about a couple of my favorite gifts that I've gotten from Troy.
  • An under-cabinet CD player/radio for the kitchen - because he knows how much I like listening to music while I cook.
  • A Beth Moore devotional calendar/organizer - because he knows how much I love Beth Moore's teaching.
  • A Dave Barry day-by-day calendar - because he knows how much Dave Barry makes me laugh.
  • A coupon for a 30 minute back scratch - because he KNOWS how much I love having my back scratched.
  • And, for Mother's Day last year, a sculpture entitled "Ched's Heart" - valuable not for the price of the stone, but for the 80-plus hours that he put in to sculpting it.

These things show me how much he loves me, not because they're expensive or shiny. But because they show me how well he knows me. And that's the best kind of love there is.

Ched, I love you. Thanks for knowing me so well!

Happy Valentine's Day!Photobucket


Troy said...

I love you too. :)

Natalie said...

One of the downsides to home school is that you down get enough opportunities to spread germs and get each other sick. :) This is like a day in the life of public schools!

Flea said...

How very sweet. :)

I cannot even TELL you how many times I have done the exact same thing with my kidlets. Argh. Tis the season.