Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let Me Excuse Myself While I Go And Pick Up Your Lung

Deco is on the mend, but he keeps coughing so hard that I half expect to see his spleen fly out of his mouth. Reilly is still sick, running a fever for the third day now. Poor girl, she's so pitiful when she's sick - lying on the sofa, not talking, looking peaked. Much different from her normal state, which looks something like this: (This was her after watching "American Gladiators" last Monday) I'm really hoping that she'll begin the upward swing today because we're supposed to "host" our third annual Valentine's Day party with our homeschooling friends on Thursday and I know she'd hate to have to cancel that.

Here's a random picture of Declan at Christmas. I'm not sure if he was being a shepherd or a desert wanderer, but he was certainly pleased with whatever his look was!


Flea said...

Huh. My text automatically wraps around my pictures. Go into your settings and see if you can change that. I'll do a little digging.

Jennifer said...

sorry your kids have been sick.... Get better soon!

Caleb and Becca's Ethiopia Adoption said...

sorry to hear about the sick kiddos! no bueno! thanks for all the support and comments on the adoption...this baby girl is awesome!!!