Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'll Now Pick Up the Shattered Pieces of My Heart

On Thursday, we were hit with a mild snowfall. The weathermen had predicted four to six inches of snow and we actually only got about an inch or so that stuck on the grass, while the roads stayed clear. (Aaaah, to have a job where you can be soooo wrong and yet not get fired! What bliss!)
For Christmas last year, Declan was given a "snowman kit" by his Aunt Jan. It contains "coal" eyes, a wooden carrot nose. a scarf and hat and buttons for the body - all you have to do is add snow. Declan was dying to go outside and build a snowman so he could use his kit. I said that we should wait because the snow was still coming down a little and that way there would be more to work with. However, by the time he got up from rest time, it was time to eat dinner so Reilly and I could go to karate. (Which was cancelled, but we didn't know it, so we drove out there anyway. Cancelled because the roads might be bad. The roads that were barely even wet. Can you say "overcautious"?)
So our snowman didn't get built on Thursday.
Friday dawns bright and sunny. We head to our homeschooling co-op and then to lunch with my mom, per our usual Friday routine. As we pull back onto our street, Reilly says, "I don't think there's going to be any snow in our yard." Sure enough, the temperatures had gotten high enough that all the snow had melted.
Declan was heartbroken. He cried and cried for a good five minutes. My heart hurt for him, and I think that what made it so sad for me was he was not being a brat. He wasn't throwing a fit because we didn't build a snowman. He was just genuinely sad and disappointed that we didn't get to do it. And, let me tell you, he doesn't know it, but I cried a little with him. (Thank God for sunglasses!) Because I truely regret not taking the 20 minutes that it would have taken to build that snowman and create that memory with him. I know that there will be other snowmen to build, and other memories to create, and so I'm trying not to beat myself up too much over this missed opportunity.
I just know how fast time is flying and I don't want to miss too many memories.

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Flea said...

It's okay! Really! And it's only the beginning of February, so our best snow days are ahead, right? Or you could get the biodegradable packing peanuts, get them slightly wet and mold them into a snow man?