Monday, January 28, 2008

The Writer's Strike

I'm now engaging in a huge flashback right now - I'm watching a rerun of "Who's the Boss?"!

Big hair!
Feathered bangs!
Layered shirts....BIG layered shirts!
Slouch socks with hi-top tennies!
Bangle bracelets!
Flipped up collars!
Pinky-white shiny lipstick!

Frosty blue eyeshodow!
Big hair bows!
Alligator clips!
Acid washed jean skirts!
Shoulder pads! BIG shoulder pads!

While it seems corny and cheesy and dated, I can't help but be struck with how innocent and sweet the show is, and I wonder if maybe the writers could keep on striking so that maybe some of that innocence can be recaptured?

I'm sure that you're all wishing I would go on a writer's strike, what with my big 'ol wordy post about the anniversary of Troy's and my first date. *blush* I think that I still sometimes just think, "Huh! Whooda thunkit?"


Flea said...

Writer's strike? What writer's strike? All my books still have their words in them. No writer's strike here.

Flea said...

Oh Liiiiisa. I've taaaaaagged you. You're it!