Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random Saturday Randomness....OK OK, So It's Sunday Now. I Got Behind.

I thought I'd open todays session of complete randomness with a picture of our headless doggie, Holly. She's pretty hard to get a picture of, seeing as how she cowers from the camera whenever you point it at her. I think she's afraid that the camera is going to steal her soul or something, kind of like those Amazon tribes you always read about.

She's a sweet, sweet doggie but she has this really funny habit of going in our room to take a nap and laying with her head under the bed. It's really funny to call her name and watch her flail around as she tries to simultaneously extract her head out from under the bed and heave her girth into a sitting position. I can almost hear her saying, "I'M AWAKE! I'M AWAKE! Ain't no robbers gonna get past me, no sirree, I'm a GREAT watchdog!"

This is my Mom's cat, Hobbes. I call this picture "LAZER'S ACTIVATED! Attack Cat, on the alert!"

(Side Note: Hobbes was actually my 18th birthday present from my mom. When I was about 19, I moved into an apartment with a friend who was allergic to cats, so I couldn't take Hobbes with me. By the time I moved out of that apartment and was in a situation where I could have a cat, Mom had claimed him as her own and couldn't (wouldn't?) give him up. So he's grown to a happy, ripe, fat old age with her. I have visitation rights, though. )

When I got up yesterday morning, this is what my kitchen looked like. Now, I'm not obsessively clean or anything like that (obviously!), but more than anything in the world, I hate coming out in the morning and trying to get coffee or make breakfast while having to move things out of the way. It gives me the heebie jeebies or something.

The funny thing is that I don't really mind loading the dishwasher, it's just that I don't like unloading it. I don't know why. This part of me is housed in the same part of my brain that doesn't mind doing the laundry but hates putting it away when it's dry. That's why it's not uncommon to find large piles of clean laundry in our respective bedrooms. Although, sometimes I even get on the ball and FOLD the laundry and put it into baskets that are placed neatly on the floors of the rooms of the owner where it is slowly emptied over time as we need clean clothes. Maybe I'm just allergic to actually putting the clothes in closets and drawers. Anyway, I'm digressing and you're learning a whole lot more about me than you ever wanted to. So, to backtrack, yesterday I woke up and realized that we were not going to be able to eat any food in our house at all because we had no utensils to use or plates to put it on. Rather than just nuke the kitchen and start over from scratch, I decided the prudent thing to do would be to do the dishes and get them out of the way. So, after what felt like hours and hours of ceaseless scrubbing and swishing of hot water, my kitchen ended up looking like this:

Yeah, I know. A lot of build up and wordiness for not a lot of excitement. Sorry!

Tonight, after Care Group, we're going to go to IHOP for dinner (yes, I know, this just keeps getting more and more exciting, doesn't it? You're glued to your computer screen, right?). I've had a hankerin' for some pancakes and I don't want to cook at home because I'd mess up my beautifully clean kitchen! Although, I do have a confession to make - Troy re-cleaned the kitchen when we got home from church today because we'd messed it up a little yesterday. He's such a handy husband!!

Oh, and here's a little something to make you laugh: my Celebrity LookAlikes. I think that my favorite is a tie between Queen Latifah and Florence Henderson!!


Natalie said...

I can really see the Tiffani Theiessen and Kirsten Dunst! I did a picture of my Mom and Florence Henderson came up on hers too... weird.

Natalie said...

By the way, I don't mind unloading the dishwasher, but I hate loading it! We would have made great roommates!

Lisa said...

OH MAN! I think it would have been SOMUCHFUN to be roommates with you!!!!

Flea said...

I love your kitchen! It's gorgeous (when it's clean). And I totally agree on the Florence Queen combination. :P