Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, apparently an obsession with nylon and a distaste for lotion-y hands isn't enough weirdness! My friend Flicka...oops, I mean, my friend FLEA (tee hee, I'm so funny!) tagged me with another MeMe, this one involving revealing six quirky things about if I didn't reveal enough in the LAST MeMe!

So. Here goes.

  • Sometimes, when I'm eating peanut butter, my scalp tingles a little bit. It only happens right when I start eating and it always goes away after a few seconds. It's more likely to happen if I've just taken a spoonful of peanut butter - yes, I do that sometimes, thankyouverymuch, but I try not to double dip.
  • I can't stand to eat the little strings on bananas if they're hanging off after I peel it. It's ok to eat them if they're still stuck in place, but if they're hanging, I'll go ahead and pull them all the way off.
  • I like things crispy. Bacon is best when it's almost to the burned point and, heck, it has to be beyond charcoal before I'll throw it out without eating it. Although, that might have something more to do with my love of bacon rather than my love of all things crispy. I also like crispy fries, crispy tator tots, and crispy quesedillas.
  • More than anything in the world, I LOVE having my back scratched! Not massaged, although that's not bad, but lightly scratched. If I could, I'd purr when in the middle of a backscratch! I tried to convince Troy to let me put "To love, honor, and scratch your back" in our wedding vows, but he didn't go for it. Unfortunately, he doesn't like scratching nearly as much as I like being scratched!
  • On that same vein, I worked very hard to train Reilly to like having her back scratched so that we could trade off as she got older. The result? She LOVES having her back scratched and has developed into a champion back scratcher. I admit, I'll readily bribe Reilly to trade backscratches. When I'm reading stories to her, I'll ask her to scratch my back and then offer to read more of the story if she'll keep scratching. Now, two things, lest you think I'm taking advantage of her youth: I try really hard to not guilt trip her into scratching if she doesn't want to and I always reciprocate the backscratch.
  • I don't like picnics. I figure, if I'm going to eat food that I didn't cook, I want to eat it in a restaurant (or a fast food joint!) not at a park where the napkins are going to blow away and I don't have easy access to ketchup and drink refills! Now, don't get me wrong, I'll go on picnics because The Kids think they're so much fun, but it's really not my favorite thing to do!

OK, I don't know if that really counts as six things, since two of them were related, but oh well. I got on a roll with fantasizing about backscratching.....mmmmmmm, baaackscraaatchiiinnnggg....

I'm going to tag My Cousin Natalie, my cousin-in-law Karin, my cousin-in-laws husband Ryan (yes, that means Ryan is my actual cousin, for those of you who were wondering!), Karen at BensRib, Shery at OurPlace, and Heather at Camien Academy. And, frankly, if any of the other 4 of you who might read here want to participate, just jump on the wagon and let me know in the comment section! I love reading MeMe's as much as I love DOING them!

Here are the rules:

Here are the rules.

(1) Link to the person that tagged you.

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(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

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Mostly Sunny said...

I LIVE to have my back scratched. I can so relate to Baloo, the big bear in the Jungle Book movie when he goes nuts on the tree. Alas, I think my Hubs would have me locked up if I went out and rubbed up against a tree.

Flea said...

Hey! I eat my bananas the same way! And even though my scalp doesn't tingle, I eat peanut butter spoons. Except I press chocolate chips into the peanut butter. :)

Amen to crispy!

Hey, was it just me and my computer that I kept getting a computer error when I tried to view your blog? This is the first time it's worked in a couple of days. Weird.