Friday, January 18, 2008


I know, I know, that word is a typically country-hick word, but it is a completely and utterly perfect word to describe our cat, SooperKat, a.k.a Soopey.

(Side note: After spending inordinate amounts of time at, I've decided that Soopey would spell his name like that, if he were indeed able to form letters. In fact, if I could flip the S backwards, I would! Go to the site, but I warn you, you'll be sucked in, just as I am!!)

This cat might seem like he's not the sharpest sword in the drawer, judged by the amount of times he runs into the wall while playing or just flat out falls off the windowsill while walking, but he has realized that if he gets hungry in the middle of the night and starts running around like a maniac, pouncing and playing with invisible foe, The Human will get up and put food in his bowl. His favorite thing to do is get up on the little antique desk in the schoolroom and poke around in the inkwell hole.
Seeing as how our bedroom is the closest adjacent room to the schoolroom, this poses a problem to my sleeping, and I find myself dragging out of bed to put food in his bowl, simply because I WANT HIM TO STOP SO I CAN GET BACK TO SLEEP!

I know, I know, if I'd just leave him and not give in to his tactics or squirt him with water or hiss at him, he'd eventually get the message, but all of those things take so much more time than just putting some food down for him. (Note: I do try to remember to put food in his bowl before I go to sleep.)

So, yes, I've been effectively trained by a kat.

"Yeah? So? I'm in the dryer. You got issues with that?"


Flea said...

I love the dryer shot. :)
No critiques here about cat training. You know mine had me trained. I put food down for Lou at night, and I try to remember to close all inside doors so he doesn't wake everyone by jumping on their beds at one a.m. But Lou is still annoying. SooperKat is prettier than Lou, so annoying is okay. :)

carretto said...

Now I'm convinced Soopey is related to Eggar! All of those pictures remind me so much of Eggar. Makes me miss the big guy...but I don't miss the litter boxes.

Sherri said...

I love that cat!!!!!

Flea said...

One thing I will say is to be VERY CAREFUL about Soopey in the dryer. My mother-in-law lost a cat that way. It wasn't pretty.

bensrib said...

I LOVE icanhascheezburger! My oldest son uses pictures from that site on his facebook all the time.

Anonymous said...

Oh great! You've got me hooked on that site now! haha!
~Retrocutie from JM