Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Son...

Declan is just about the cutest, sweetest little guy ever to walk on this planet. And, while I know that most parents would say the same thing, I think that if there were ever a contest, Deco would win, hands down.

OK, maybe I'm a little biased.
But he is awfully darn cute.

Case in point: we have a good friend who gives us clothing that her son has outgrown. We got an "installment" the other day. Lots of pants and winter shirts (Thanks, Jenn!!), which means that I don't have to go and get anything new for him. (Double thanks, Jenn!) (Side note: The great thing about homeschooling my kids is that, at least for now, there is little to no peer pressure about wearing the "right thing", so both of them just love getting clothes from other people. And I save a ton of money. Which is a good thing. Because it means more manicures and pedicures and new Coach bags for me. SCORE!)
But I digress.
We were opening this new treasure trove of clothing from Ethan and Declan says, "Just look at all these handi-gowns!" I giggled and told him that the phrase was hand-me-downs and, after a little discussion about why they were called that (He's nothing if not curious!), we went on with our day.
Later on, Declan, Reilly, and Troy were all talking about the clothing from Ethan and Declan said something about "handi-downs". Reilly said, to Troy, "He can't say hand-me-downs." which caused Declan to exclaim in indignation, "I can too say handi-downs!"

Also, today he came out of Sunday school with a Christmas present for me. A long necklace made from a beautiful assortment of pony beads and macaroni. (Ziti, I think.)
"Mom! I made you a Christmas present!"
I put on the necklace, proud to wear this sign of my son's love for me.
"Don't eat the macaroni!" he warned.

Gosh, I do love that boy!


Flea said...

He is the most adorable thing under 4 feet I ever saw (I can say that because all of my kids are over 4 feet)

Flea said...

Lisa, you missed so much while your lights were out! My kids all grew up! Mae's in college! I've graduated from college! Didn't it feel like an eternity?

Jessica said...

You made me laugh out loud. Many times. Or maybe Declan did. No matter, I love funny blogs

Found you via Pioneer Woman...