Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well, just in case all my myriads of readers...*ahem*....ok, well....just in case all 4 of you who are reading this are wondering if I've fallen off th face of the earth or have gotten swallowed by Christmas wrapping paper or have been beahen to death by an organic-eating person because it became known that I do, on occasion, indulge in Wonderbread, I am still here.
OK, here in the sense that we're actually at my Mom's house because we don't have any power.
For nine days now, we've not had any power.
Because this is the absolute BEST time of year for a HUUUUGE ice storm to knock out the power to a HUUUGE portion of the city.
Because none of us have anything we need to be doing other than sitting in a cold, dark house, trying to entertain two kids who are tired of either being confined to the livingroom where it slightly warm or playing in their rooms where they're likely to get frostbite.
Oh, I jest...it was a good 57 degrees in their rooms.
So, here I am, writing this post on my Mom's computer. (One word...dial-up. OK, so that's two words. But you get the idea.)
Hopefully our power will be on today. (The entire neighborhood is back on, except for our side of the street, and the strip of people who live behind us...depressing. I never thought I'd covet the ability to flip a switch and see a light!)
And then I'll be back in earnest, full of lots of stories and stuff.
Or maybe I'll start wrapping all those Christmas presents that are still in the shopping bags.


Flea said...

Yay! You're here! Boo! You have no power! Hope you get electric soon.

Sherri said...

So that's where you've been. I just thought you were having so much Christmas fun...your favorite...that you didn't have time for us!!!
I hope things are back to normal soon!!!

Phoenix said...

Hey you. FINALLY. I thought that maybe you werent alive... you never log into msn anymore :(

I miss you my Lisa!

Troy said...

Hey, Babe

Thanx for all your hard work while the power was out. And you've hardly missed a beat with the Christmas prep.

I love you, Ched