Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Perfect Sandwich

I've got a confession to make...
Are you ready?
I'm a turkey sandwich-aholic.

The only down-side to not having the Thanksgiving meal at my house is the fact that I'm not left with a platter of leftover turkey for sandwiches. And I love Real Turkey Sandwiches so much that I roasted a turkey this year just so I could have turkey breast to make them.
(OK, I admit it...I did the same thing last year.)
There's a science to making The Perfect Real Turkey Sandwich, too. It all starts with Wonderbread. I realize that Wonderbread hardly counts as bread, seeing as how I think it's actually made of wallpaper paste, but Real Turkey Sandwiches require white bread. They also require iceberg lettuce - none of that green, leafy lettuce! No sir! - and "homemade" ranch dressing. (By homemade, I mean you buy the packet of Hidden Valley Buttermilk Recipe ranch dressing mix and the mayo and the buttermilk and you mix it all together. That's homemade.)
So you get your Wonderbread, slather on what will appear to be too much "homemade" ranch dressing because it's gonna soak into the bread a little bit, layer on your Real Turkey and some lettuce, give it a sprinkle of salt and pepper and - viola! The Perfect Real Turkey Sandwich! Goes fantastically great with leftover corn soup...which is why I always quadruple my corn soup recipe, even when nobody is coming over to share it with us!
Mmmmm....I may have to do the same thing after Christmas!

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Flea said...

Wonderbread!? Do your employers know you're eating this way? :) Ew! I agree to the real turkey, though. Yum. We had Thanksgiving at my brother's, but I cooked my own Thanksgiving feast, just for the leftovers!