Sunday, November 18, 2007

It Was A Good Weekend...

I'm a little disturbed because the weather is so stinkin' warm and I'm really ready for it to feel like fall before it turns to winter. So, while the weather is beautiful for playing outside, my inner Season Sensor is telling me that it's time to snuggle in with some hot chocolate or a cup of some type of chowder (Note to self: learn how to make chowder) when, in reality, it's more like "Put on some shorts and have a cool lemonade on the veranda" weather. (Note to self: figure out what a veranda actually is).

We had a good weekend, despite all the sunny, bright blue skies, chirping birds, and breezes. Yesterday we decided to go down to the River That Doesn't Look Like A River Because of Lack of Water and see if we could find arrowheads in the sand. So we drove over to the west bank, wound around and around and around to Boomshanka* until we found a park, realized that we were about a mile above the low-water dam (aka The Part of the River That Actually Looks Like a River). So we walked along the river path, the kids dashing ahead about a bajillion miles, so far ahead that my voice barely reached them when I hollered for them to watch where they were going so they didn't get creamed by a bicyclist. We didn't actually find sand, though, unless you count when we got to the low water dam and looked across the RTDLLARBOLOW (a.k.a. "river" - see description above) and saw sand that we couldn't access because there was water.

But, when I went to work last night, Troy took The Kids down to the boat ramp that it turns out is only about half a mile from our house and they went exploring and found a fossilized leg bone of some sort in the sand. Who knows what it came from? Declan is having a ball, walking around with it and comparing it to different lengths of bone on his and everyone else's body!
"Nope! It's too big to be a kid's leg bone!" he says, holding it up to his thigh.

Anyway, despite the foiled attempt to find arrowheads, we all really enjoyed speiding he time together and enjoying our Indian Summer. Although, I'm not sure that it really counts as an Indian Summer since we've never really felt like fall...but that's a whole 'nother train of thought.

Good night!

*Boomshanka - where you would actually be if you ended up at the end of the world. Can easily be used in a sentence like this: "Well, we were all the way out in Boomshanka and then the tire blew out! Took the tow truck 45 minutes to find us!"


Flea said...

Lisa, you crack me up! And a leg bone! Are you sure it's not the remains of a body from a murder investigation gone cold? Brr!

Your weather's coming! Go to and pug in your zip code. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Yay!

Flea said...

It's cold! It's cold! It's cooooooold!!!

Caleb and Becca's Ethiopia Adoption said...

Ooooh, oooooh...pick me, pick me...I have the best corn chowder recipe ever!!!! It's been in my family quite a while...not sure how long "quite" it...but it sure does kick some major butt! It's my favorite thing for fall...corn chowder and corn muffins with lots of real creamy butter. In the words of Rachael Ray -YUM-O!