Monday, November 26, 2007

I Felt Like A Drunk Bum

(How's THAT for a post title?!?)

My friend Flea just asked me if my customers at work knew that I was eating Wonderbread. As you may or may not know, I currently work at a big health food store, which means we sell a lot of bread that is really, really, really good for you. Not only is it NOT Wonderbread, but I am convinced that it is, in fact, made of whole, uncooked kernels of wheat held together with pure organic gluten-free glue. Topped with hemp milk. (Yes, Virginia, there is a hemp milk.)

On Saturday, I took one of my Perfect Real Turkey Sandwiches to work, along with some *gasp* Cheetoes. Troy and The Kids came up to eat with me, and he got a good laugh at me when he realized that I had dumped the Cheetoes in a brown paper bag instead of consuming them out of the bright orange foil bag emblazoned with Chester Cheetah.

I admit it, I was ashamed of my Cheetoes. Just not ashamed enough to go and buy some organic chips!

(P.S. I should note, for the record, that Troy brought up some corn soup to go with my sandwich. Oh, what a wonderful man I have!)


Sherri said...

I think healthy is overrated!!!!!

Flea said...

*gasp* Cheetos! Oh but yum! Good for you, eating that way in a health food store! But I did have some spelt bread from your store (a friend brought it over) and Chris asked if I could buy more of it. Very good. Like potato bread, but healthy. No whole corn kernels anywhere.

Flea said...

P.S. It's a kick butt post title!