Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hi there!
How are you doing?
I'm fine, just fine.
Just sitting here, bouncing my leg...wiggling my toes...yeah, just feeling not a bit sleepy at all, despite the fact that it's 11:15 and I should have been in bed at least 45 minutes ago because I have to get up early so I'm awake before the kids get up because I need time to wake up before I go into Mommy Mode and it just seems to go smoother if I spend some time reading the Bible and praying and sometimes surfing after I'm done with all of that but I don't feel like going to bed because I'm just not tired right now and hey did you know that there's this one guy who comes into my work and always asks for Rainchecks on items that are on sale...I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME...and we're supposed to go back and always make sure we're actually out of the stuff but sometimes that's hard to do if you've got, like, 10 people in your line but tonight he came in RIGHT when we closed so he was the last one in the store and I went back to check and, sure enough, we weren't out of the stuff he wanted so he had to buy it right then and there and I think of him as Rain Check Man and kind of cringe when I see him walk in even thought he's nice enough....
...hey, did I tell you that I get free coffee, really really really good coffee, at work? Yeah. I had two cups tonight. Big ones. I may never fall asleep!
ed. note: If a post is related to my time working so that we could reduce our debt, it is in the "Debt is Normal, Be Weird" catagory!

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Flea said...

Is their coffee really that good? Better than other coffee? Should I get the already ground kind or grind my own beans?